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영국 PSP Consulting Medical Editors short course 안내
작성자 KCSE Date 2022-06-21 Hits 388
Medical Editor's online training course: 2022

2022 dates

Eastern timezone course

17-19 October, 5-8am BST

(=12-3pm China, or 3-6pm Sydney)

Now in its 27th year, and running for the last time, this course for journal editors will focus on how to improve the success and impact of their journal. Comprising discussion around case studies plus short plenary lectures, the course considers what editors can change and influence, and how they can improve the quality of what they publish and the impact that their journal makes.
By the end of the short course editors will know where they can make changes, and they will have ideas for large and small adjustments that will improve the impact and quality of their journals.
Course numbers are restricted to a maximum of 15 participants to ensure interaction.

Read more and book here:
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